• The most important characteristic to me in a real estate agent (or anyone, for that matter) is integrity, and I found Jeff Lester to be completely worthy of my trust. He knows his market, and is a good judge of value. He represented me as a buyer in a difficult, complicated 1031 exchange, in a down market complicated by foreclosures and changing regulations. Jeff did not waste my time by showing me properties that were outside of my interest or range, and pointed out potential problems, as well as assets, with each property. It was clear to me that his primary interest was to use his knowledge and experience to find and execute a purchase that would meet my immediate needs and be a financially sound investment. I highly recommend the services of Jeff Lester, and would be happy to discuss his qualifications.  – Annita Clark-Pappas (Sebastopol, CA)

  • I am writing this letter to serve as a personal recommendation for Mr. Jeffrey Lester. Mr. Lester was introduced to me by the manager of Sotheby’s Realty, an agency for which he worked. His manager stated that he was particularly effective, talented, and very personable. She very much understated his qualifications. I had been attempting to sell a family owned property in Sebastopol, California for about one year without success. Mr. Lester handled my needs by patiently and expertly explaining the reasons why I needed to adjust my price to the dismal economic conditions. In addition, beyond any of my expectations, he personally organized and participated in getting my unoccupied property ready for sale. During my visits from the East Coast to California to meet with Mr. Lester, I became equally impressed with his personality, integrity and vast knowledge of the real estate arena. I am a professor at Yale School of Medicine and am used to dealing with smart, hardworking, ambitious individuals. Mr. Lester, were he a medical student, would be in the top of the class! – Dr. Robert A. Levine, MD (Clinical Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Yale School of Medicine)

  • Jeff Lester is the most honest, sincere and knowledgeable real estate professional in the business!!!!! Here is a person who really cares about his client and the well being of his client above and beyond all else. Nothing is rushed and hurried. All the details are carefully and compassionately observed and evaluated by a person who is very highly educated in the entire spectrum of real estate. His advice is filled with wisdom; hindsight and foresight. Jeff brings all of his personal integrity to the professional table and quite frankly, I don't think one could be in better hands than with Jeff and his wife, Cheri. – Linda Cole (Jenner, CA)


  • Jeff is the most competent, diligent and truly caring real estate agent we have ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of Western Sonoma County is encyclopedic and was invaluable as we assessed properties in the area. We ultimately decided on a gorgeous piece of land largely based on Jeff's endorsement given his familiarity with other properties in the area... And we could not be more pleased with our decision. If Western Sonoma County is where you want to be, Jeff is the real estate agent to get you there! – Perry & Melanie Karsen (Occidental, CA)

  • I do not take the time to write reviews, letters of, Thanks for a job well done or not, etc. I think we are living in a society of rating each other too much. That said I do want to commend the two of you for a job well done. When Brian and I started this venture to obtain a property for investment we had no idea of the journey ahead. When you are buying vacation property, I think it would be really easy to do it based on emotion. Jeff made sure we were well educated on area pros & cons, and that we made good decisions based on real information. He was the most patient realtor we have ever worked with. You have continued to work with us to find area professionals. The contacts we made and worked with in your network were exceptional. Your continued support in property management has seen this dream of ours come full circle. We feel very fortunate to have seen your sign on that beautiful sunny day and so thankful we made the call. I would recommend your services to anyone and I hope that someone falls in love with the area like we did, and calls you from that sunny room inside our cabin one day. – Maureen & Brian Gerring (Camp Meeker, CA)

  • I very much enjoyed working with Jeff and Cheri. They took almost endless amounts of time to help me understand the market at large, the housing scene in Sonoma County, and my own wants and needs. They were patient when I needed time and focus and very quick and decisive when the situation warranted it. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a home in the area -- they are an excellent resource. – Web Marquez (Sebastopol, CA)

  • I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Lester on a home purchase that was a complicated shortsale. His approach I found relaxed, which fit my style perfectly, and in all his dealings with the other parties involved he was very professional and had a knowledge base that proved invaluable in the process. His advice was always spot-on and at points when I felt like giving up, he would come through with positive words that kept me going, and I’m so happy he did as I just love my new place! With Jeff’s experience in these types of sales and the local real estate market I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services. – Wesley Thornton (Monte Rio, CA)

  • Jeff helped us find the weekend retreat in the wine country we had dreamed about. He made the effort to learn what kind of place we wanted, and what we did not want. We're city people and he helped educated us about what owning a country property, what to look for, and what to avoid. Best of all, he carefully screened the properties and excluded those with serious problems or which did not match our criteria. Jeff's hard work meant we did not waste our time coming from San Francisco to look at places that were clearly not right for us. – Matt & Karla Davis (Napa, CA)

  • What impressed me most about Jeff was his honesty. It was not uncommon for Jeff to point out negative aspects of a house we were looking at. At first I was surprised, but by the time we found a house we loved, I realized Jeff wanted us to make a decision based on full information, and be happy with our choice. – Dave Koressel (Santa Rosa, CA)

  • I am grateful to Jeff Lester for helping me find an excellent new home. Jeff is not only knowledgeable about the laws and regulations, but is up-to-date on the housing market. I found him to be most helpful. His recommendations were sound. He's honest, dependable and keeps his word. I have no hesitation about recommending Jeff Lester.  – Patricia Williams (Santa Rosa, CA)

  • Dear prospective home buyers and sellers,
    Jeff and Cheri Lester have helped my family and I through many real estate transactions over the years. They’ve proved trustworthy and resourceful. We’ve always found their advice insightful and helpful. They helped me buy a home in San Francisco. I had been looking for a home for years and made many offers on houses, only to be outbid or outmaneuvered by other real estate agents. Jeff and Cheri gave us sound advice and made sure that I knew where I stood and that the sellers knew where I stood. They represented me through a tricky negotiation and secured a home for my family and I. Even though they were located in Sonoma County, I don’t know if we would have been able to secure the property without their help. I would not hesitate to use their services again.
    – Daniel J. O’Connell (San Francisco, CA)

  • Dear future home buyer,
    Congratulations on making contact with Jeff Lester! He facilitated my home purchase and I couldn't have been more pleased with the process and results. Jeff has an incredible knowledge of the real estate market, both locally and nationally. He can discern the value of a property with great accuracy and helped me get the best value for my money. Jeff really listened to my needs and presented me with relevant homes to view. I had very specific things I was looking for in a home, and though my search took a relatively long time, Jeff worked tirelessly and patiently with me to find the perfect match. I highly recommend Jeff Lester for all of your real estate needs. – Debbie Ramirez (Sebastopol, CA)

Contact information available upon request. 


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